Parks & Recreation

Does the Village sell Brown County boat launch stickers?

Who maintains the Suamico Harbor buoys?

How do I sign my child up for a recreational program?

What are the registration policies of the Suamico Recreation Department?

When does registration start for youth recreational programs?

Can I request that my child be put on the same team as another player?

Can I enroll my child in a class for which they are too young? How strict are ages enforced?

I missed the first class or practice. Can I still sign up?

Can my child "play up" into an older age group?

What happens if it rains and my class/program is outdoors?

Why do I need to fill out a registration form each time I sign up for a program?

I registered for a program weeks ago and still have not heard anything. Who do I contact?

I registered my child in a recreation program and wish to withdraw. Can I receive a refund?

What do you have to do to become a youth coach?

What types of recreation programs are offered?

What is the Parks, Forestry, Trails, & Recreation Committee and when does it meet?

Can I attend the Park, Rec, Forestry, & Trails meetings? Do I need to be placed on the agenda?

How can my business get involved in the Parks & Recreation Department?

Who do I contact about a park maintenance request?

Am I able to reserve recreation facilities for personal use?

What is the cost for renting a recreation facility?

Does the Park Department have tables and/or chairs available for public use?

Can we move bleachers for our activity?

How can I buy tickets to local theme parks? How much are the tickets?