Village Government Information

Are maps of the Village of Suamico available?

What zip code do I use?

Where do I find information regarding the Howard-Suamico School District boundaries?

Are there any dog parks or pet exercise areas in Suamico?

Can I dock my boat on the Suamico River?

How are construction assessments calculated?

How do I request an absentee ballot?

Where do I vote?

I would like to serve on a Village Committee. Who should I contact?

When does the Village Board hold its meetings?

Where do I find historical information on Suamico?

What are the hours of operation at the Village Office?

Where is the Village Hall located?

Where do I pay a speeding ticket received in the Village of Suamico?

Where is the closest library? Is there a bookmobile stop?

Who do I contact regarding graffiti?

Is a permit required if I am going to be burning brush?